Jyll Part 3

We drank all the beer (mostly because of the peppers) and then began working the bottle. We laughed hysterically about absolutely nothing.
"Do you know how I got my last boyfriend?" She asked. "I was in a bar with some friends and this guy kept staring at me. Every time I looked over he was staring at me! So when I finished my beer I slid the neck of the bottle into my mouth… the whole neck… and when it was all the way down I looked over and watched him squirm as I pulled it out. A few minute later the waitress brought me a long neck Budweiser from him."
"You didn’t!"
"I sure as hell did! ….. well I drank it first."
"So you have a love affair with bottles," I responded.
She laughed, "and certain vegetables and fruits!"
We each took a long pull off of the now half full bottle of tequila.
I waited until she had a mouth full, "next time make sure you send me some pics."
She almost choked. "Oh my God!" Laughing. "Yeah I’ll make sure to do that."
She stood and walked over closer to the water and began to take her clothes off. I was transfixed. She was between me and the moonlight that was reflecting off the water. She’s exquisite. The backlighting almost made her glow.
"What are you doing?"
"Taking my clothes off silly," she said.
"I can see that."
"You could join me you know."
"I’m not really into skinny dipping. Maybe I’ll just watch."
"Okay if you’re sureeeee……."
Behind me I heard a twig break and the shuffle of feet in the leaves on the ground. I turned to see a short, thin silhouette walking towards us. It spoke. A soft feminine voice, "Is this a good time?" I recognized it immediately as the clerk from the store. When she bent down and took the tequila bottle from me I could make out the red hair and those wonderful lips. She stood and took a few long pulls from the bottle and handed it back to me before continuing her walk to Jyll. Jyll was completely naked and wading into the water.
Not looking back, "I was wondering when you were going to show up," said Jyll.
"I’ve been here for a while. I was just waiting for the bottle trick." Lisa paused at the water line just long enough to kick off her shoes then continued into the water, wading to Jyll. She placed her upturned hand under Jyll’s chin and lifted it up before placing a long passionate kiss on her lips. My imagination had no problem feeding my brain the image of their tongues dancing. "I’ve been waiting to do that since you invited me."
She waded back out of the water and faced me while she removed her clothes. With the backlit moon I couldn’t see very much but what I could see….. DAMN. She unbuttoned her blouse first. "I’ve heard a lot of good things about you." Her blouse was tossed into the sand. She spun her skirt so she could reach the zipper and wiggled out of it. Her hips gyrating as she pulled it off her hips. The skirt slid to the ground. She stepped out with one leg and used the other foot to kick the skirt over to the blouse. "You didn’t look this shy in the dressing room when you shot down her throat."
Jyll appeared behind her friend and unclasped her bra. She slid the straps off her shoulder and pressed her breasts into her back. The bra fell to the ground.
I could swear "He’s not shy" came from Jyll’s lips as she looked at me resting her head on the red head’s shoulder but I can’t be sure. At this point Im pretty oblivious to everything around me. There could be dancing bears and midget wrestling right next to me and I wouldn’t know. I was watching Jyll’s left hand sliding up the stomach of this woman to her left breast, kneading the flesh and teasing the nipple I wanted my tongue on. Jyll was kissing the base of her neck. Jyll’s right thumb hooked her panties. The other hand left the breast and nipple, which I can now see is hard and pierced, and glided down hooking the other side of the red head’s panties. Jyll slowly kneeled sliding this woman’s panties down to the sand. When Jyll stood she ran her hands up Lisa’s bare legs. Her right hand drifting to center and cupping her pussy. It was too dark to see what Jyll’s fingers did, however, this stranger let out a soft "mmmmm." Little doubt remained when Jyll licked and sucked off her fingers.
Jyll looked at me, "You’re going to love this."
Jyll took her by the hand and led this luscious red head back into the water.
It took me all of about a nanosecond to stand and with a flurry of clothes that would have made the Tasmanian Devil proud, I was naked and heading for the water.
I caught up with them knee deep. They were locked into a kiss in which I joined. One of their hands closed around my cock and began to tug at it. There is something about kissing two beautiful women at one time that you just can’t quite describe. They both began moving down my body with gentle kisses and before I knew what was happening I had two tongues licking me from tip to base. Sharing my cock….. One would take me in their mouth why the other would lick my balls then with a kiss they would switch. The red head couldn’t quite get all of me in at first, but with a little practice she caught up with Jyll’s oral skills. Those eyes looking up at me as they each took one of my balls on their mouths. I was fairly amazed that they could get me hard again after this the shop and changing room and really amazed that I was going to blow another load soon..... but not yet.
I stood Lisa up and kissed her deeply, her arms wrapping around my neck, and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me and ground her pussy into me. Slowly I lowered her down. Jyll took the queue and guided my cock into this red head’s waiting love canal. I slipped inside easy and within seconds she was fully impaled on me. Gasping and biting my neck she steadily rode me. Jyll stood behind her playing and pinching the red head’s nipples as she rode me harder becoming more and more aggressive. I turned and began walking towards shore. Only a fifteen or twenty feet, but challenging nevertheless. When we were out of the water, barley, I kneelt down and sat back, my feet under me. I did not slip out and this red head wonder did not miss a beat. She kept her legs wrapped around me. Her ass rocked against the top of my legs with my cock grinding inside of her. Jyll unwrapped the red head’s arms and leaned her back until her shoulder and head rested in the sand. I watched in wonder as Jyll stood over her and lowered her pussy onto her wanting tongue. Lisa held tight to Jyll as Jyll’s mouth hung open in response to the oral assault in front of me. She leaned forward and kissed me with passion unbound obviously in ecstasy.
"Let me….." Jyll whispered in my ear.
With some reluctance I slipped out and lowered the red head’s ass to the sand. Jyll wasted no time locking into 69.
I sat there, cock hard and shining in the moon light, watching these beauties devour each other. I leaned down to Jyll’s level. "How does she taste?"
Jyll responded by lifting her head so I could kiss her and taste this women’s juices on her lips. Jyll was right. She tasted awesome.
Eager to get back to it, Jyll once again buried her head between Lisa’s parted legs. Judging by moans and squeals coming from the red head, Jyll was just as good eating pussy as she is sucking cock.
Not being really in the mood to watch and no long having access to the red head any more, I switched ends. Jyll’s knees were still under her. Lisa had managed to work her arms under and was using the fingers on one hand to hold Jyll’s lips open. The other was pulling at her own nipple. I was able to get my knees on either sides of Jyll’s and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Lisa took one of my balls in her mouth as I pushed into Jyll. Because of the position I couldn’t quite get all into her. Lisa eagerly filled that void with her tongue licking my shaft right at the Jyll’s entrance and making sure to make equal contact with Jyll’s clit. The effect on Jyll was instant. She began pushing back and moving her ass around. Her muffled moans became quickening gasps for air. Whatever Jyll was doing to Lisa worked. She had a very loud orgasm. Jyll’s gasps stopped for a minute. My mind had no problem picturing Jyll’s mouth clamped over Lisa’s pussy sucking out every last drop she could while Lisa came.
Every man should feel this way at least once. The buildup was so incredible and the scene below me so erotic there was no way I was going to last long. It was only about ten minutes later before I started doing what every man does before he comes; harder, faster and deeper. I came hard enough to set Jyll off on one too. I pulled out as I felt my last jet approaching and deposited the last bit at the opening to Jyll’s pussy. Greedily Lisa latched on sucking all the cum she could get out of Jyll and sending Jyll into another this time screaming orgasm.
Spent and covered in sand I half staggered, half walked to the water. Jyll and Lisa were still in the same position breathing hard. I sat in the water and used my hands to wash some of the sand off. Behind me, Lisa began to giggle. "That was fucking awesome", she said.
Jyll could only hiss back a "yes" as she tried to catch her breath.
I stood and walked over to the pile of women on the sand. I could make out a smile on Jyll’s face as she looked at me. She ran her hand up my leg. I looked at the car then back at Jyll. "Do you think we could get home without getting pulled over?"
Jyll answered "I think so. Why?"
"Cause this sand would be a hell of a lot easier to get off in the shower."
Lisa rolled off Jyll and smiled. I could see our cum shining around her mouth. "I bet we could."
Laughing we gathered our clothes and bottles, tossed them in the trunk and all three climbed in the front seat. Lisa looked at me and said, "You’ll bring me back tomorrow for my car."
I took a minute to look at her before I shut the door. Although covered in sand the dome light illuminated enough, Lisa’s body was exquisite. Jyll responded for me. "I think you two can work something out."
With that, I shut the door, put the car in gear and pulled away with two naked and very lovely ladies laughing.









Jyll Part 3